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Upgrading from an older version? You may want to read this to get an idea on what might be broken.

From 3.x to 4.x

In 4.0, we changed WikiSearcher from being static, to a class that you must instantiate first. We made this change so that your program's global HttpClient may be passed through.

To upgrade, first instantiate WikiSearcher, then call Search(string searchString, WikiSearchSettings? searchSettings = null) with the newly created WikiSearcher.

The methods in WikiSearchResult for getting the URLs have also been removed, and replaced with properties. The language will have already been set to what you provided in WikiSearchSettings.

HTTP support was also dropped, you now MUST use HTTPS.

From 2.x to 3.x

In 3.0, we simplified the namespace of Wiki.Net to WikiDotNet.

To upgrade from 2.x version of Wiki.Net to 3.x, you need to change all of the using CreepysinStudios.WikiDotNet to using WikiDotNet in your projects. The easiest way would just be to do a replace all in your entire solution.