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Hello, and welcome to the VoltRpc project site!

These docs should hopefully contain the information you need in-order to use VoltRpc.

What is VoltRpc?

VoltRpc is a remote procedure call (RPC) library, using it's own custom implementation, which allows VoltRpc to be fast and easy to use.

This means you can call a C# method on a remote target (such as a separate process) using C# code.

VoltRpc's lowest .NET target is netstandard2.1, so you can use any .NET implementation that implements it.

Why Another RPC library?

VoltRpc has the goal of being easy to use, fast and lightweight. Other RPC libraries usually included A LOT more features, at the cost of being more heavy and slower. If you only need simple solution, VoltRpc will fullfil that need.


If you need support, PLEASE CHECK both GitHub issues and discussions, to see if someone else has already asked your question, or already had your issue.


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Getting Started

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