Project Layout

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Lets explain the layout of the project. UWB is one big mono-repo. Everything you need (other then tools) are contained within the repo. Yes, it means it is a large repo, but it so much easier to develop for.

Repo Layout

This is the basic layout of repo:

  - DevScripts/
  - DevTools/
  - Docs/
  - Imports/
  - Packages/
      - UnityWebBrowser/
      - *Other UPM packages*/
  - ThirdParty/
  - UnityWebBrowser.Pages/
  - UnityWebBrowser.Engine.*/
  - UnityWebBrowser.UnityProject/
  - VoltstroStudios.*/
  - *Misc Stuff*
  • docs/, media/ and src/ are all fairly explanatory.

  • DevScripts/ and DevTools/ provide developer scripts and other external applications that are needed.

  • Imports/ contains shared .targets and .props files that are used by the .NET projects.

  • Packages/ contains the UPM packages. The provided Unity project has all packages added locally.

  • ThirdParty/ contains stuff that ain't ours, and cannot be included by a package management system.

The rest of the folders contain dotnet projects, with their respected code.


Quick description of all the individual projects.


This is the provided Unity project that can be used for UWB development. It has all of UWB's packages included locally.


NodeJs/Yarn project that used to build out HTML that engines use for internal pages.


.NET project that contains shared code that used by both Engines and Core.


.NET project that contains shared code that is used by Engines.


UWB's CEF Engine. .NET project that is built out as an application. In publish mode it will build the app into a single file.