Project Layout

Lets explain the layout of the project.

This is the basic layout of repo:

  - DevScripts/
  - DevTools/
  - Docs/
  - Imports/
  - Packages/
      - UnityWebBrowser/
      - *Other UPM packages*/
  - ThirdParty/
  - UnityWebBrowser.Pages
  - UnityWebBrowser.Engine.*/
  - UnityWebBrowser.UnityProject/
  - VoltstroStudios.*/
  - *Misc Stuff*

docs/, media/ and src/ are all fairly explanatory.

DevScripts/ and DevTools/ provide developer scripts and other external applications that are needed.

Docs/ provide a way of building the UWB package as a dll, so docfx can use it.

Imports/ contains shared .targets and .props files.

Packages/ contains the UPM packages.

ThirdParty/ contains stuff that ain't ours.

The rest of the folders contain dotnet projects, with their respected code.