Ok, lets setup UWB's development environment.


These prerequisites are mandatory to compile UWB.

Unity 2021.3.x
PowerShell (formally PowerShell Core)*

*Modern PowerShell is required! The one built into Windows does NOT work.

Additional Optional Prerequisites

These prerequisites are not required, but some areas may require them.


Repo Setup

We first need to obtain UWB's code. UWB is all contained in one-mono repo, found at

To get the UnityWebBrowser repo, you first need to clone the repo recursively using Git, like so:

git clone --recursive

If you did NOT clone the repo recursively, you can just init the submodules by running these commands at the root of the repo:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Once you have the repo cloned with the submodules, you must now run the src/setup-all.ps1 script with PowerShell.

You can go into PowerShell with the command:


Once in PowerShell, go to the src/ directory, and run the setup-all.ps1 script:


Depending on your system, and your download speeds, this script could take upto a minute or longer. You only need to run this once.

You can now open up the src/UnityWebBrowser.UnityProject project with Unity.

Editor Tools

Once in Unity, you can open the provided UWB scene provided in the project. By default, this scene is setup to have basic browser controls/window.

When running the project in this scene, a provided 'UWB Debug UI' will be available.


By default this is "hidden", you can open the UI via the small panel at the top of the player's window. Panel

The 'UWB Debug UI' provided has some useful stats and controls that you may want to use.

Debug UI

If you need to, extra controls can be added by modifying the Assets/Scripts/UWBPrjDebugUI.cs script.

(In the future we hope to develop more editor tools to make life easier.)

Dev Scripts

There are many dev scripts in the src/DevScripts directory. The main ones that you will most likely use are:

  • download-cef-<OS>.ps1
  • publish-<Section>-<OS>.ps1