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UWB is designed to be modular and extended, and as such is split into multiple packages. Each UWB package can be categorized as one of the package types below.

Package TypeRequired?Description
CoreCore UWB package, provides the heart of UWB
EngineProvides an Engine
Engine Native✔ (System)Provides the native binaries used by an Engine. What ones you install depend on your platform targets
HelperProvides additional helper/extensions to UWB

Most developers will probably only need the 'Core' package, and a single Engine with the Native Windows binaries, like so:


If you plan on targeting Linux (or are developing on Linux), install the Engine's Linux binaries.

Package List

Once you have the registry setup, you should be able to see the packages in the package manager. If not try refreshing, or add the packages you need by their ID.

PackagePackage TypePackage ID
Unity Web BrowserCoredev.voltstro.unitywebbrowser
Unity Web Browser CEF EngineEnginedev.voltstro.unitywebbrowser.engine.cef
Unity Web Browser CEF Engine (Linux x64)Engine Nativedev.voltstro.unitywebbrowser.engine.cef.linux.x64
Unity Web Browser CEF Engine (Windows x64)Engine
Unity Web Browser Pipes CommunicationHelperdev.voltstro.unitywebbrowser.communication.pipes
Unity Web Browser Unix SupportHelperdev.voltstro.unitywebbrowser.unix-support