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UWB has two loggers:

Web EngineThe native logger by the web engine it-self.
CoreUWB's actual logger.

By default, the web engine's log will be written to a file called <Engine Name>.log. This file will be located in your /Library folder of your project in the editor, or in your <Project Name>_Data/ folder in a player build. The location can be changed by setting Logger. Null can be used for no logging by the web engine.

Logging by UWB Core, as well as from the engine's process (not the web engine itself) uses an IWebBrowserLogger. By default, the DefaultUnityWebBrowserLogger is used, which logs straight to Unity's unityLogger

To create a custom logger, use IWebBrowserLogger, and set Logger to your custom instance.

Logging Settings

You can change the log severity of the web engine's logging in the editor, or by setting logSeverity.

Log Severity


Depending on the web engine, in debug mode there can be quite a lot of log messages!

What level the Core's logger does depends on the IWebBrowserLogger implementation. As the default DefaultUnityWebBrowserLogger logs straight to Unity's default logger, it will depend on how you have configured Unity's default logger.