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We first need to setup your project for UWB.


Unity 2021.3.x

Newer Unity versions should work, but are untested!

Registry Setup

To install UWB, the Voltstro UPM registry needs to be added to your project.

To setup the registry with your project, see here. The Voltstro UPM page also lists some other info that you may be interested in.

HOWEVER, an additional scope needs to be added. You need to make sure com.cysharp.unitask is added (more details are provided in the UniTask part). Once you are done configuring your projects registries, your configuration should look like:



If are using UnityNuGet, and you choose not to use the Voltstro UPM as a org.nuget.* scope mirror, then don't have the org.nuget scope defined for the Voltstro UPM.



You are not already using UniTask, you can skip this part.

The reason why we need to add the additional com.cysharp.unitask scope to VoltstroUPM is because UWB depends on UniTask. VoltstroUPM does provide a mirror copy (from OpenUPM) of UniTask, however you may already have UniTask installed via OpenUPM, or via Git. If you do have it installed already, and you don't want to use VoltstroUPM's mirror of it, then DO NOT define the additional scope as apart of VoltstroUPM.


If you already have UniTask installed via Git, please make sure it is the latest version!


Once you have your registries setup, you can install the packages via UPM GUI.


You will need the core "Unity Web Browser" package (dev.voltstro.unitywebbrowser). An engine package (and it's engine native package) is also required. For more details on what engines are available and their packages, see the engines section.

For more information on the different packages, see the packages section.

Once you are ready, you can move onto the usage section.